10 Relevant Fun Facts About Me

1. At 15, I threatened my Mum that I would jump out of the building when she wanted me to quit Bowling (for failing my exams).
2. I often skipped my classes in NUS (where I did my Statistics degree) to go to Macau to play poker. I sometimes still dream about failing my exams and being forced to go back to school.
3. I average about 70 books a year.
4. I've invested $300k USD on my own personal development.
5. My Unique Ability (Zone of Genius) is to be part of mastermind groups, I contribute a lot and LOVE being part of masterminds.
6. One of my missions is to build the best mastermind group in Asia.
7. I meditate about 45 minutes daily.
8. I finally broke into high stakes poker from mid-Jan to mid-Apr 2017 when I made $1m in 3 months.
9. I moved from poker to personal development because I think I was at a ceiling of complexity, and the only way forward is for me to move into a field where I can maximise my impact.
10. I'd love to advise you on how you can break ceilings of complexities, and to help you crush your goals with twice the fun and in half the time.


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