5 ways to channel your feminine energy

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

Last week we wrote about how powerful feminine energy is. This week we're going to discuss how you can channel your feminine energy in healthy mature ways.

1. Dance (or move in any way that makes you feel good)

Feminine energy is fluid; it's always moving. Hurricanes are often named after females because it is the perfect metaphor for the constantly in motion, constantly changing, and shifting feminine energy.

This is especially important for feminine people who work desk-bound jobs. You may notice that it feel unnatural to sit in one spot for long and that's because your natural self wants to move around. 

If you are unable to get up and dance in the middle of work, we recommend listening to this song and just tap your feet along to it.

2. Have Girl Time

It's no secret that feminine people love to talk and connect with other people.  Spending time with your girlfriends recharges your feminine energy massively because not only will you be surrounded by people who have...

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6 days into a 7-day fast and what I learned

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

Seven day water fast can be a great challenge for losing weight. Even though it is not as easy as practically, you need strong dedication and determination to complete it. At some point you may think to give up and eat some food but whenever such thought exists in your mind just remember that you have your name, reputation and discipline that you have made and have to keep maintaining it completing the task without any cheating. Just keep going on and keep doing it.

It's actually not that difficult, because like when your body says it's hungry, you can separate that from your mind, and your mind doesn't have to focus on the body. And if you don't put in my body, you can kind of see it here.

When you don’t focus on any relationships or hunger, you focus on other things in life. Once you complete the challenge you would be considered super disciplined since only one percent or less people can stay and complete this challenge. Once you could make through this, you will gain more...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to Hedge Fund with Bill Perkins (EP011)

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2019

Bill Perkins

Mr William O. Perkins, also known as Bill, III, serves as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at Skylar Resources LP. Mr Perkins is the Founder and President of Small Ventures USA, L.P. He founded Small Ventures USA in 1997. Most recently, Mr Perkins has been a significant market participant for Centaurus Energy, where he joined at inception in 2002. Mr Perkins has a 12-year history of energy derivatives trading, holding senior risk management and trading positions at AIG, El Paso Energy and Statoil. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cutuco Energy Central America. He serves as a Director of NorthernStar Natural Gas Inc. Mr Perkins has produced several films under his production company, Lleju Productions and Films, including After. Life, The Chameleon and Road Kill. He is an active participant in the Save the Children charitable organisation. Mr Perkins received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iowa.


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What It Means To Be Feminine (and why it makes you a badass!!!)

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

In previous blog posts (part 1, part 2) we portrayed femininity and "feminism" in a negative light; some of you may have felt triggered, angered, or shamed by us but we're here to tell you that we mean no harm. We do not hate feminine energies; on the contrary, we love them! Society needs both feminine and masculine energies to function but only when they're mature energies. 

So what does it mean to be feminine?

Is it about wearing frilly pink dresses or skin-tight bodycon dresses?

Is it about being a mother of three? 

Is it about being able to make a decent sandwich? 



Yes, that is precisely what mature feminine energies would do. Let it go.

This is because one of the most essential things the feminine energy does is to create and hold the space to nurture the creation. Feminine people are willing, and even desire, to give themselves to become whatever they need, to nurture those around them.

This is the part that most people misunderstand. We...

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3 Tips if you have to start from $0

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

Today's topic is what would I do if I had to start from scratch? How would I try to make money if I had 0$ in my account? How would I try to go ahead on life? It’s funny but when you start from zero, you have nothing to lose, zero assets, low burdens and that’s pretty spot to be in, right? When you start from blank state, there is so much you can try and maximize and it’s quite fun.

First thing I would do if I started from nothing is to is to do what my friend Fedor Holz recommended.  He actually recommended to try three to five different things because when you start from blank state you will have so many options to try, but how do you know what you are good at or what you can be good at in future? Like what will you have the highest ceiling in? You might have some kind of idea about what you're fascinated and motivated by but you have to try to test it out. Only after few months you become beginner to intermediate very quickly and then you jump over to...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to Handling Setbacks with Wayne Yap (EP010)

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2019

Wayne Yap has won 7-figures in Online Cash Games, Live Cash Games, and Live Tournaments. He is here to help you take your game to a whole different level by focusing on soft skills and other non-technical aspects of the game, and not all the lies about poker you were told. Wayne's aim is to help you jump stakes one, two, or ten levels, to become the best player in your player pool, to beat all of your friends in poker.

In this episode, Wayne talks about how he used the biggest downswing of his life to his advantage.

2:31 – Wayne talks about the biggest downswing in his life

3:35 – How Wayne got out of his downswing

4:11- Wayne talks about the concentration camp survivors

5:05 – Wayne shares what he can do to move forward

5:44 – He shares how he became a bigger and better version of himself

6:54- Handling Setbacks lesson 1 – Always make your future bigger than your past

7:44 – Handling setbacks lesson 2 –You can...

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This Is Not Feminism (Part 2)

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

As promised in last week's blog, this week, we'll be discussing internalised misogyny. 

Internalised misogyny refers to the phenomenon where women devalue other women or feminine traits and instead overvalue men and masculine qualities. 

So why does this happen? 

According to the vulnerability model, vulnerable groups such as females and ethnic minorities perceive themselves as physically and financially helpless against dominant groups. They normalise their helplessness and status in society, which negatively affects their mental health by increasing behavioural inhibition and lowering self-esteem. 

The cycle of internalised misogyny:

Step 1: Exposure to Misogyny (e.g. Men believing that women who work are bad mothers)

Step 2: Mental schemas ( e.g. Housewives are better than women who work)

Step 3: Automatic Thoughts (e.g. Housewives are good, women who work are power hungry and greedy)

Step 4: Self-Schema ( e.g. I am a woman who works; therefore I am...

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Forcing Functions- 3 Tips

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

I don't know if you have had the same experience as me before, but I’ve had bad periods in my life. Not exercising much, eating unhealthily and watching my tummy getting little too big.

I thought of my diet when I realised I am getting out of shape and had a big tummy and wanted to get in shape.

So, I started my diet plan and exercise plan the next day and set up my gym routine of 5 days a week and wrote it down on my planner and notes.

My 5-day plan looked good with different exercise for every day. I felt super motivated, and for the next two weeks, I started following it.

Two weeks later, my morale wasn’t high anymore and wasn’t the same as I wanted, and I soon broke my diet after I ate some ice cream from the fridge when I was stressed out.

So, I want to cover the reasons why you need to have forcing functions in your life. When you are motivated, use that motivation as energy to create forcing functions in your life.

Here are three tips on forcing...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to Polarisation with Wayne Yap (EP009)

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2019


Wayne Yap has won 7-figures in Online Cash Games, Live Cash Games, and Live Tournaments. He is here to help you take your game to a whole different level by focusing on soft skills and other non-technical aspects of the game, and not all the lies about poker you were told. Wayne's aim is to help you jump stakes one, two, or ten levels, to become the best player in your player pool, to beat all of your friends in poker.

0:27- Wayne speaks about the relationship between polarisation and poker

1:13- Wayne talks about the benefits of this approach and how people think in the long term.

1:40 – Wayne talks about the objectives of polarisation.

2:22- The necessity of polarisation.

2:59 – the benefit of polarisation.  

Link and Resources:






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This Is Not Feminism (Part 1)

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019

Toxic Femininity: "It is a way for women to exercise violence in sneakier ways that the more overt violent tactics that are used by men, via passive aggression, person to person manipulation and systemic manipulation of victim complexes and protected identities, and funnelling of persons to violence by its counterpart- toxic masculinity" Source

I am going to split Toxic Feminity into two categories: The Immature Feminine and Internalised Misogyny. The former refers to the weaponising feminine traits, while the latter refers to the punishment for feminine traits (by females). While the expression of these characteristics can and often do overlap, they are different in terms of the desired outcome. 

This blog post will focus on The Immature Feminine; Internalised Misogyny will be discussed next week's blog post. 

An "immature feminine" person (yes this applies to males as well), has the following characteristics: Bitchy, Gossipy, Jealous of other women, Needs...

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