300k USD down the drain (to others), 300k USD invested in myself (to me)

Hi, I'm Wayne, and I'm a learning junkie.

Counting back the last 10 years, I've spent  more than $300k USD investing in my own self-improvement, and here's the story of how I got started.


My first encounter with coaching was when I started Bowling. During my peak year I was training 5x/week for the National Under-23 team, 3x/week with my school, 1x/week with my country club, and 1x/week 1-on-1.

I started 1-on-1 coaching when I wanted to break into the national youth team, and thankfully my parents understood how important it was to me. They were struggling with their business but yet they sacrificed their own lifestyle so that I could afford Bowling equipment and coaching. For this and many other reasons, I'm eternally grateful. 

The most memorable story of how they came to realise how important this was to me was when I went home with my exam results. I was about 14 or 15 years old. I did not do well on the exams and my Mum said she was going to make me quit Bowling so that I could focus on my studies. I vividly remember what happened after. I ran to the window of the 11th-floor building that we lived in and screamed at her: "Bowling is my life! it is everything to me! If you make me quit, I'm jumping out of the building right now!"

I remember feeling that 100% commitment in my soul, that I would jump if I didn't have it my way. I was all-in about getting better at Bowling and you'll see that this all-in spirit  is a theme in my life. Thank you, Mum, for having less certainty about your decision than me back then.

However, once I got into the National Youth Team, somehow I felt like I was at my ceiling and quickly lost interest in the sport.


I quickly moved all of my obsessive energy into spending nearly all of my free time playing World of Warcraft, where I was again all-in, playing about 18 hours a day during my school holidays.

I have so many fond memories of playing MMORPGs but when I found poker, everything changed.

I started playing small stakes with friends after school and on the weekends on my second year of Junior College (18-years old). After our 'A' Levels, there was a group of us that couldn't stop playing.

I noticed that I was naturally better than others, and picked up a few books to further that gap. I had always been excellent at games, I had always been phenomenal in Math, and I had found my new place in this world.

Soon, I enlisted in National Service. It was really tough for me. All I could do was think about poker, where I was already making decent money for a 19-year old.

I remembered one weekend when I was out of camp, I was reading free articles about how to get good at poker, and I stumbled upon a post about how important coaching was. The post said something about how the best athletes in the world got coaching, Michael Jordan had a coach, Tiger Woods had a coach, and that in anything that you do, coaching is extremely important.

It sold me. I would have never made it to the National Youth Bowling team if I did not have a coach. If I wanted to get good at poker, how could I do it on my own?

At that point, I had 10k USD to my name and I decided that 20% of my net worth spent on coaching was an investment and not a cost. I tried 3 or 4 coaches but none were good enough (I had a bad strategy for picking coaches) but I managed to soak up enough information to take my game to the next level.

Within a year, I had more than 100k USD; my investment had paid off multifold. And that's how I got addicted to coaching and self-education.

10 years later

I've decided to leave poker for three main reasons.

1. I was approaching my financial ceiling in poker.

2. It's a zero-sum game, and I want to move to the value-creation paradigm. In almost all entrepreneurial activities, the transfer of money comes from value-creation. I wanted to dedicate myself to something that the world needed.

3. I've reached the Ceiling of Complexity (From Dan Sullivan's amazing short book, How The Best Get Better [you can comment or dm me if you want their free online audio version]). I needed new goals and new challenges to continue growing at the rate I want to grow. I want to challenge myself with new goals.

Counting my blessings

Being fortunate enough to leave the game after earning 7-figures/year consecutively, I have had the financial capability to invest again in coaching, seminars, masterminds, and courses.

You might think I'm crazy to have spent $300k USD (up to date) on personal development, but to me, I'm just making a calculated bet that this will, again, payoff multifold.

Once again, for the fourth time in my life (after Bowling, WoW, Poker), I've decided to go all-in on something else, my own personal development journey.

I'm going to learn as much as I can and share my knowledge with as many people as possible, and I'm going to start here on my blog.

My objectives for these posts

1. Sharing my learnings with you. I'm a great note-taker. I remember a lot when I attend events. I'll condense a lot of the learnings for you.

2. If you're considering attending something, my reviews can help you to make a better decision.

3. The pricing models are often opaque, there are many different prices for the same ticket, I'll provide some information on the ones I've attended so you can pay as little as possible.

4. It's a great opportunity to hold myself to a higher standard when I'm recapping my learnings and key distinctions.

5. Sharing it publicly forces me to be accountable for my action steps.

Covering some events that I've attended in the last 8 months

You can look forward to the following event reviews as I've attended them and have lots of notes on them:

Tony Robbins' Unleash The Power Within

Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny

Tony Robbins' Business Mastery

Tony Robbins' Platinum Partnership Finance Trip (NotesReflection)

Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy

Brendon Burchard's High Performance Mastermind

Scott deMoulin's Engage From Your Stage

Elliot Roe's Control Room Mastermind

Crypto Explorers

And some events I'm attending next

Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny (Again, it's that good)

Tony Robbins' Business Mastery Advanced

Tony Robbins' Platinum Partnership Relationship

Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy

Brendon Burchard's Influencer Event

Abundance 360 or Singularity University's year-long leadership program

Strategic Coach's 10x Ambition by Dan Sullivan

Books and Online Courses

I will also share some of my key distinctions from the countless books and online courses that I do, but they'll be written more to share knowledge instead of only reviewing (reviews for those are already everywhere)

I hope this will be as fruitful for you as it was/will be for me.


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