5 ways to channel your feminine energy

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

Last week we wrote about how powerful feminine energy is. This week we're going to discuss how you can channel your feminine energy in healthy mature ways.

1. Dance (or move in any way that makes you feel good)

Feminine energy is fluid; it's always moving. Hurricanes are often named after females because it is the perfect metaphor for the constantly in motion, constantly changing, and shifting feminine energy.

This is especially important for feminine people who work desk-bound jobs. You may notice that it feel unnatural to sit in one spot for long and that's because your natural self wants to move around. 

If you are unable to get up and dance in the middle of work, we recommend listening to this song and just tap your feet along to it.

2. Have Girl Time

It's no secret that feminine people love to talk and connect with other people.  Spending time with your girlfriends recharges your feminine energy massively because not only will you be surrounded by people who have similar needs, you'll also be able to meet each other needs naturally. 

3. Allow yourself to receive 

Whenever we receive a compliment, most of us will shy away from it and reply modestly (and negatively). Society has conditioned to behave in such a way to avoid appearing self-absorbed. This damages your feminine energy because it stops you from feeling pleasure. The ability to receive pleasure is related to openness, which is a feminine trait; the feminine way is to "surrender" ourselves to the world and enjoy all that it brings us. While being closed off does prevent us from getting hurt, it also prevents us from experiencing pleasure. So next time someone compliments you, receive it fully, enjoy it, and maybe even return the compliment.

4. Wear loose clothing

As mentioned above, feminine energy is fluid and continually moving; as such, it also hates being restricted and stagnant. Tight clothing is restrictive in nature, which may reduce feminine energy while soft flowing fabrics mirror the constant moving element of feminine energy in a tangible way (source). Try wearing only flowy clothes for a week and see how that makes you feel. 

5. Reflect

Take 10mins a day or even a week to think about your feelings. Reflect on what has happened, the good, the bad, the dull etc. and feel each moment. Were you behaving the way you wanted? Were you acting in your best interest? As you explore your thoughts and feelings, you are also finding your inner feminine self, and the more you explore, the easier it will be for her to reveal herself to you.

If you would like some guidance, we recommend this video.


From the picture above, it is clear that both masculine and feminine energies have positives and negatives. But what is interesting is that they are natural opposites of each other but aren't able to survive alone. We all have these two energies within us, and it is up to us to channel them in mature ways.

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Lots of love,

Jump Stakes Team

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