6 days into a 7-day fast and what I learned

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

Seven day water fast can be a great challenge for losing weight. Even though it is not as easy as practically, you need strong dedication and determination to complete it. At some point you may think to give up and eat some food but whenever such thought exists in your mind just remember that you have your name, reputation and discipline that you have made and have to keep maintaining it completing the task without any cheating. Just keep going on and keep doing it.

It's actually not that difficult, because like when your body says it's hungry, you can separate that from your mind, and your mind doesn't have to focus on the body. And if you don't put in my body, you can kind of see it here.

When you don’t focus on any relationships or hunger, you focus on other things in life. Once you complete the challenge you would be considered super disciplined since only one percent or less people can stay and complete this challenge. Once you could make through this, you will gain more confidence in life to conquer anything.

When you are into this challenge don’t focus on foodie things, just focus on your goal and spend your time doing your activity. At one point, especially at early in the morning and at evening before going to bed, you will feel extremely low energy and feel like you can’t do it anymore. In that case just don’t let your willpower go down and have some broth or soup and make yourself busy on any other things especially at these times. You can put salt, pink Himalayan salt and squeeze some lemon into your water during this water fast. In case you feel weakness just add little more salt in your water as it will make you feel less dizzy For a better practice you can also do one meal a day challenge for three days before starting this water fast. You may feel low energy at morning and evening, but during the day your brain functions pretty well because ketones gives you a lot of energy especially for your brain.

 It's just kind of an interesting phenomenon that with all the will-power to, we all have the capacity to actually avoid eating those things whenever we want. Most of the times you may feel like putting food in your mouth for no reason as you are just tempted by it.

When you actually go through the fast you can understand your connection to yourself so better. Without much sugar in your body, you feel yourself stronger from inside than before. If you are caffeine consumer, it can be pretty tough as you can neither have food nor caffeine and it can make it super difficult as it makes difficult for you to stay awake or read books or any other activities.

But once you successfully complete this task, you will surely feel change in your weight as you might lose 4-6 kgs in a week and mentally your confidence level will be so high that you can feel like achieving anything.



Hello, hello~

So I am six days into my seven day water fast. It's been a little bit, oh my camera is slightly, let's adjust it. Yeah, and it's been an interesting experience so far. I must admit that I have had a few moments where there has been a lot of hunger pains and it felt really difficult.

I think the fifth day in the morning, I was asking myself, 'Wow, how nice would it be to just give up on this challenge, and just eat some food?' The thought definitely crossed my mind a lot of times, but I realized this one thing that actually changed it all for me. The only real thing that was holding me back or stopping me from actually not breaking the fast like keeping to the fast is because I'm so active on social media right now. And I basically put my name, my reputation, my everything on the line to do this fast. I'm coaching people for discipline, helping people have more discipline, so surely I must have a lot of tips that can help people through the difficult things, like a seven day water fast.

So when I actually put myself so out there, on social media, right? It makes a lot of sense that I have to keep my fast. So that is the power of social pressure and using social media to your leverage. Means really putting your name out there and telling people that you respect, and people that you want a good, quality relationship with, because with you meant to be care so much about what other people thing of us. And in my head, it's like, 'Oh wow, I quit this challenge, what will other people think of me?' That kind of helps calm my head. And then I realized, 'Wow, it's not really that difficult to actually keep to this fast.'

So I just keep going on and on, and I keep doing it. And I realized that wow, it's actually not that difficult, because like when your body says it's hungry, you can separate that from your mind, and your mind doesn't have to focus on the body. And if you don't put in my body, you can kind of see it here. Yeah, when you don't focus on the relationship, when you don't focus on the hunger, you focus on other things. I am doing other things yesterday, I went out; I organized some meet ups for poker and played some poker with my friends.

And when I was there playing with other people I don't focus on the food people eating in front of me but I was okay with it 'cause my focus was on the right things. And that is not on my hunger. So that would be another lesson that I learned. I mean it's been such an interesting experience that I've learned so much from this.

I think one thing that comes from me as well is that it's increased my confidence level in myself a lot. I now understand that hey, if I can do something that probably like zero point one percent or less of people can do right? I'm actually like super fucking disciplined. I mean I didn't used to think I was disciplined but if I can do something that nobody else can do, I probably pretty good at it. Or at least I found my way how to hack it. And it's given me a lot of confidence, in my coaching, in my ability to conquer anything in my business, in building online courses because I know that if I put my mind to something I want to do it right, I can do it.

Even when I'm tired and I have no energy because of lack of food, I can actually force myself to go through it. And putting yourself through some challenges and when you actually make it through those challenges, right? You come out so much stronger, because the challenges or obstacle is always the way, the challenge is what makes you become a better person. And this gives me so much, so much, so much confidence, like now I actually really feel like I ready to crush the world and do all these things.

All right, but that being said, I still have another 30 hours or so to go, to be exact, oh let me count, I think it's 33 hours and yeah, so very excited for the completion of that. I'm just gonna have some broth, and some soup and I'm done. So yeah, so Tommy you asked if it's a water fast, yes, it's a water fast. So I only put salt, pink Himalayan salt, and I squeeze a little bit of lemon into my water sometimes. I did some research, and that seemed like the best strategy so that's what I did. When I feel weak, I just add a lot of salt into my water, and that makes me feel less dizzy. I have so far lost about, I've so far lost 4 kg.

Since the seven days had started, in these six days. I told myself that if I lost more than 6 kg. I'd quit the fast just for health reasons. But since I've only lost 4 kg. I think I'll make it through the end of the seven day fast. On top of that, I also did a one meal a day for the three days before the seven days was start, I was also on the ketogenic diet for seven days to get my body fattened up so that it's easier for me go through that fast.

Tom: 'Do you also your water fast as in like just water or do you have a little bit of calories in some form?' Tom, he said: 'I would love to see, I bet that weight ends his fast.' Oh, actually Tommy, I think you mean that my water fast would make me have a very large appetite but that's probably not the case. I think after water fast ends right, my appetite's gonna be quite small for the first few days for sure because when your body becomes that adapted, and your stomach shrinks you don't have that much capacity to eat food. So I'm not expecting to eat a lot in the few days after the fast. Probably one meal a day, and not even a very large meal would be enough for me. However, after that first three to five days that I eat one meal a day I'm gonna pump in the calories, I'm gonna work hard as well to put on some muscle because I want to slowly gain back all of that 6-7 kg.

I don't know how long it'll take me to gain that amount of weight back, but I do wanna put that weight back on. I don't see the need to be, so right now I weigh 56 kgs. It's the lightest I've been in ten or even more years. And that is really really quite light for me. So Darrell, are you asking, 'How are you feeling energy-wise as compared to your usual non-fasting days?' Oh, in the morning I feel really low energy to be honest, and then at night I feel pretty low energy like at night, usually about 8 P.M. onwards, I'm really, really sluggish. I just can't do anymore work, and I kinda just want to rest and do nothing. So usually I end up on the couch playing a little bit of games.

I downloaded a game to play because I didn't wanna have to move around too much. In the morning when I first wake up it is a little bit harder to get out of bed, because of my body, that's the energy. However, during the day when I'm doing work and stuff I think my brain functions pretty well. So like I don't feel like my work is suffering at all. I think it's because ketones give you a lot more energy especially for your brain, so that really helps a lot in behalf of my actual productive work. If you ask me in terms of energy like can I work out as hard as I would work out when I had food? Then definitely not that kind of energy.

I would not have that kind of energy, however I'm doing a lot of incantation, and I'm doing a lot of like power moves, to hype myself up when I'm doing my work. So in case my energy level drops, right? I just like, BOOM, and come back and do it, and raise my energy level because energy is something you can generate from within, you don't wait for the energy to come, you can always bring it from within whenever you force yourself to do it. The more you do it, the easier it is for you to force the energy out. So that's what I do all the time. Yeah I definitely agree with you, Tom, about keto being a very important, oh you had said, you did _____ with the colon cleansing. I actually want to do colon cleansing as well, but I didn't actually find time to go and do it. I think it would be very very beneficial because as my body is losing all the toxins I'm sure if I do colon cleansing it would speed up the process even more. So actually you mention it, it's definitely something I would consider putting in my calendar for tomorrow. Do you know any place in Singapore where I can do it? I think it's probably worth it for me to do it since I'm already so many days into my fast to just kinda like increase the detoxifying effect. Yeah, "'Kay I guess, the ___ water is still pretty tough to do and I don't think many people would be about to do such a difficult fast, so great job." If I knew you had done the fast I would have spoke to you about it and get like a little bit more of about the process so I didn't have to go through this totally on my own.

But I guess now I won't need 'cause the past days left so I'm pretty confident that I'll make it at this point. Oh yeah, I remember, you said you did it in Thailand when you had that weight loss, but I think after your fast Linus or someone sent me pictures of you eating a pizza after you won, I don't know and it's like, thanking a tiny kid in the back, that was pretty funny. I love your smile on your face. It was super, super funny. Yeah, and so, okay, coming back to the water fast, right? Another big thing that I learned is that we are all just so fucking addicted to food it's ridiculous, like most of the time I was, like when I'm not doing anything I just want to start putting food in my mouth for no apparent reason. And it's like, oh I have nothing, oh it's lunch time, oh I just find every excuse I can to put food into my mouth. Of course I love the taste of food, and that's one reason, but often times the food doesn't even taste so great,

I'm just eating it like, somebody put some non-delicious thing in front of me I'd just eat it because I am tempted by it. I don't even like it that much. It's just kind of an interesting phenomenon that I realized we all the will-power to, we all have the capacity to actually avoid eating those things whenever we want. Plus, when I'm actually going through this fast I actually understand my connection to myself so much better. I first see it with myself with noticing that I with no sugar, that truly actually makes me much stronger as a person and I actually have to avoid alcohol as well, which at some point because it was our trial weekend last weekend and stuff like that.

My friends went out partying, I haven't partied for super long, but they happened to ask me out for this kind of things. And it's not for the first time I have went, but because I was on the fast I didn't go. Actually you know the most interesting thing that I found the most difficult for me especially since I'm so low energy in the morning, like I mentioned earlier, because I don't have energy in my system, especially when I'm sleeping and I'm in a resting state, and I don't have calories or anything to burn, or keep me awake, right? I mean, in the morning, most of the time I have a bullet-proof coffee, sometimes with butter, but rarely. Mostly I just put MCT oil in my mushroom coffee with 50 MG of caffeine, and when I actually don't have that 50 MG of caffeine and I don't have that MCT oil it makes it that much more difficult to stay awake in the morning. Usually in the morning, when I have, when I smell the coffee it makes me awake.

Even if it's decaf coffee and it just has the 30 MG of caffeine, or 20 MG of caffeine it actually wakes me up, and when I don't have this it becomes so difficult for me to actually stay awake in the morning. And that might be even more difficult for me than the no food part. It's a combination of like when I don't have food and I don't have caffeine as well, it's worse. Super, super difficult. Three days before I started the fast I quit caffeine because I knew that I couldn't have caffeine during this fast, right? So I had to stop it, and the three days was very, very unproductive for me. I tried to read a book in the morning, but I was like, 'Ugh, I don't feel like reading this book anymore,' because it was, yeah. I'm just kind of, I'm somewhat addicted to caffeine even though I don't consume a large quantity of caffeine. I think that 30 to 50 MG of, and the smell changes everything. Now that I mention it, I don't know if I should just like make some coffee and just smell it to try to get myself into an awake state.

But that would make me crave coffee even more. Tom, I don't know why you're thanking Kenneth, are you telling him that he needs to lose some weight, or is he doing a weight loss challenge with you? That's pretty funny. All right, anyway, so that's it for this video. I really appreciate your time watching this video. It's a pleasure doing something kind of education stuff, and I hope this inspires you to be more disciplined and to keep your weight loss goals.

To do some kind of fast, I probably recommend intermittent fasting and maybe at most 4 to 8 days fasting because 7 days fast, if you don't have any experience in it. and you're not medically supervised, it's not something I would recommend at all.

So in the meantime, definitely step up, take the leap of faith and Jump Stakes. I'll see you again, bye!

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