Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to E-commerce with Aloysius Chay (EP006)

Aloysius used to play poker professionally. During his formative years, He played poker for close to a decade, spending a few years in Macau. It started off with micro stakes playing for $0.1/0.2 home games and he slowly worked his way up to the high stakes in Macau ($1k/$2k HKD).

It was pretty joyous days when he hustled Chinese whales from Mainland China and also crunched numbers using software’s to achieve game theory optimal strategies (GTO) to stay ahead vs the rest of the professionals.

Subsequently, there was a great opportunity to move towards a booming industry of e-commerce and he transited over with his partner Galvin. It went fairly well from a 2-man startup grinding 100 hour work weeks to a tidy 30man+ operation that covers the different departments necessary for e-commerce. He had to do everything in initial stages and slowly that was delegated out to the team handling different departments such as customer support, creative work, media buying, fulfilment and strategy. Currently, He is focused in deep tech, more specifically block chain technology.


 In This Episode:

0:09- Aloysius introduces himself and explains his background.

0:34 – Aloysius shares the story behind moving to E- Commerce.

1:38 – Aloysius talks about freedom in playing poker.

4:40 – Aloysius shares the process of jumping on to this E- Commerce Business and hiring the process into the right place.

6:06 – Transition of Poker to E commerce, how poker gives and Itch to transition to the E commerce.

8:03 – Aloysius shares, how often he gives times to make strategies for his business.

10.33- The biggest difference between Poker and E commerce in terms of the thinking process.

14.18- Using AR and VR to compliment the business.

15:42-Aloysius shares the difficulties from moving out of poker.

17:04- Aloysius shares how he leaves Poker and the time frame.

22.09 –He shares The Strange part of networking and poker world.

25:59- Aloysius’s most recent interesting takeaways.

28:43 – How meditation changes the game for him.

29:53- The process of approaching the topic of decision making in general.

32:30- Important part of making decisions for his business.

36.31- Some common misconceptions about e commerce.

42.00- Where Can Listeners find Aloysius online.


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