Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to Expected Value with Wayne Yap (EP008)

Uncategorized May 31, 2019

Wayne Yap has won 7-figures in Online Cash Games, Live Cash Games, and Live Tournaments. He is here to help you take your game to a whole different level by focusing on soft skills and other non-technical aspects of the game, and not all the lies about poker you were told. Wayne's aim is to help you jump stakes one, two, or ten levels, to become the best player in your player pool, to beat all of your friends in poker.

In this episode, Wayne will discuss the basics of Expected Value and the practicalities of it in everyday life.

0:21- Wayne gives the definition of Expect Value.

0:42- What is expect a value in the long term.

1:34- The randomness in basically everything.

3:15- Expected Value application in the real world

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