Podcast: From High Stakes Poker to Public Speaking with Scott deMoulin (EP007)


Scott deMoulin is the Founder and CEO of Destiny Training Systems, a conscious business growth consulting and training company founded in 1989. Retained by over 480 companies located around the world, Scott has been directly responsible for helping to make his clients over $1 Billion. With over 30 years of experience as a Speaker, Trainer and Business Growth Expert, Scott has achieved Outlier status a couple of times over. Scott has facilitated hundreds of public and private training programs for over 25,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners, giving them access to proven business growth strategies and information usually only reserved and available to businesses with large training budgets.

Scott has been a member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council for seven years, which is made up of some of the world's top speakers, training companies, authors and transformational leaders. Clients include: Accenture, Paramount Pictures, Pioneer Electronics, Harrah’s (Caesar's) Entertainment, KPMG Consulting, Nautica Sportswear, Davis Ball & Collombatto Advertising, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels, Health Net, Baxter Health, YPO, Total Sports Asia, Earth Tech, Business Breakthroughs Int., Robbins Research Int., (Jay) Abraham Group, Nightingale Conant, College America Services Inc., Taylor's Education Group, Quantum Learning & Earth-Kind. 


In this Episode:

0:14 -  Scott deMoulin tells about his background.

2:29 -  How Scott deMoulin became so good at his business.

4:21 - Scott’s relationship with poker.

5:20 - Scott talks about the money management process.

5:42 – Scott talks about Casino awareness.

5:58 – Scott talks about elevating his leverage.

7:35 – Scott talks about the similarities between poker and public speaking.

11:43- Scott shares his growth and learning experiences.

12:09 – His experience with Tony Robinson.

13:29 – Process of designing the program.

15:55 – Starting with some types of research

19:45 – Difference between agitating and irritating the audience.

22:23- Adding some metaphors.

24:19 –Scott speaks about Learning without action is worthless

28:46 – Scott talks about the past can be a valuable education.

32:10 – The biggest mistakes that people make

34:58 – The skills sets of manager leaders, people.

52.20 – The most surprising things for Scott.

59:48- Where can people find Scott.


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