Review: Date With Destiny West Palm Beach - Tony Robbins (6th - 11th Dec 2018)

Date With Destiny West Palm Beach

I was not a newbie at Tony Robbins events. I had previously attended Unleash The Power Within in London (Apr 2018), and watched I'm Not Your Guru, I sort of knew what to expect. Having attended previous events, I was also aware of the 6 basic human needs - Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth, Contribution. You can change your state whenever you want to, and change the way you act. Whatever you focus on, energy flows

I decided to attend this event as this is Tony's flagship program, and I've heard good things about it from multiple trusted sources. Earlier last year, I joined Tony's Platinum Partnership Program (85k USD for all events and ~10k more for each Plat event), so this event was included. Tickets typically go for 4k-10k depending on the seat, and time of purchase. It is also cheaper if you buy through a platinum partner or if you order as a group at events such as UPW.

Why did I need to attend this:

I went in, wanting to understand the following better:
- To understand the reasons, I do things
- How to get into peak state more often
- Understand our human needs more
- Meet other Platinum Partners as this was my first platinum trip (I hypothesise that the average calibre of people paying more than $85k for personal development is very high)

My experience:

I discovered and learned so much at this event. There has been no 6-day period of my life that I had so many breakthroughs. I also enjoyed myself a lot at this event. My mental model of the 6 basic human needs was lacking; I found out here that there's a paradox between certainty and uncertainty as well as significance and love/connection.

My key distinctions:

1. I found out what were my "towards values" and "away from values", things that I strive towards and away from. Along with them, I had rules of what I should feel to feel like I reached those values, and it was absurdly high, i.e. I made it hard for myself to feel like I was succeeding.

2. I have a "primary question" that runs in my head all the time, and if I tweaked it from "How can I be more worthy" to "How can I be even more worthy so that I can love and serve even more", it'll be presuming I'm already worthy and that I'm here for service to others, which made me much happier.

3. At the highest levels of relationships, it's not about equality but the merging of needs. "Your needs are my needs."

My action steps:

1. Repeat my mission statement every morning during my affirmations - "The purpose of my life is to be a loving force for good, enjoy the gift that every moment gives, and do empowering things for myself and others."

2. Clarify my towards values and rules, to make it easy for me to feel happy.

3. Set daily reminders on my phone for my new primary question.



-I discovered more about my life in this 6-days than months of going on auto-pilot.

- I made a few significant shifts attending the event, one of which was going from a value extraction paradigm to a value creation paradigm, and I now know that nothing is more fulfilling than being of service to others.

- I had at least 10 key distinctions a day at this one event.


Long days that were about 12-14h, a lot of jumping, cult-ish feel


This was a phenomenal event. It's nothing short of life-changing. I went from an average happiness level of 6/10 in my life to an 8/10. I understand why people (including myself) do things the way they do, and this was enlightening. I'm going to attend again in
May 2019 in Cairns with my girlfriend and some other friends.

Rating: 10/10

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p.s. -----To help you increase your learning by 10X, I have created a Learning Filter (which I used to journal my thoughts above).

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