Review: Engage From Your Stage- Destiny Training by Scott deMoulin

Engage From Your Stage- Destiny Training by Scott deMoulin

Before attending the event I had already read Dale Carnegie's The Art of Public Speaking; hence I was aware of how important being good at public speaking was, and the difference it can make for your career if you were a good speaker vs an average speaker. 

I also had two friends who have previously attended the event and they have briefed me on "the anatomy of a speech" section as well as the exercises that were going to be done. 

"Engage From Your Stage is a truly transformational experience with only 6 participants where you will erase limitation and become more comfortable being uncomfortable. You'll rehearse until you embody the proven verbal and physical communication skills and discover the importance of syntax and how to better engage and persuade your listeners with integrity, while you move your audience towards your desired call to action with your message."Source


I want to be a great public speaker as it will allow me to do the following: 

1. Sell from the stage
2. Convince from the stage
3. Speaking at events provide much more networking opportunities than attendees at events
4. Learning public speaking will help with my media speaking and social media videos

What I was hoping to learn:

1. How to structure my speeches

2. How to be confident when speaking (aka how not to be piss-in-pants nervous)

3. Tonality, projection, cadence

Before attending this course, the only speeches I've learned to give previously was from school - where you just present the problem and the solution. During this course, I learned the anatomy of the speech.

My key distinctions:

1. Ask, don't tell

2. For speeches of any length, the anatomy of the speech is approximately 40% Trust (Where you ask questions to engage audience, give Wow statements, tell stories) 10% Logic (Who you are and why you're worth listening to), 20% Pain (Problem) 20% Solution and 10% CTA (Call to Action)

3. As long as you speak from your heart and not your head, speeches turn out fine.

My action steps:

1. Practice the structure of the speech on the Facebook Live videos that I'm doing

2. Sign up and speak at least 4 times in 2019.

3. Re-do this course in 2019 or 2020.

Pros: Scott was an amazing speaker, teacher, and coach
The other participants were great fun, and we had an amazing group of 8.

Cons: Had a highly stressful day 1 when I didn't know what topic to speak about, as at that point I was confused about my life. That manifested in a really obvious way and forced me to face my demons (which ended up being a pro) 

Rating: 9/10

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