Review: Launch by Jeff Walker

Summary: "With his Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker has changed the way we sell. In his book Launch, he outlines his tried-and-tested strategy for selling products online and building a business that’s almost guaranteed to bring success. Walker shows you how he’s succeeded by outlining a step-by-step plan for launching your product – even before you know exactly what it is." Source

This is actually a popular model and a lot of people have used this  and it worked really well in the past. It's a one time launch thing where you hype it up before the launch. My plan was to combine this with a 14 or 21 day challenge and TPB (from Brendon's online course creation)  

Since I'm planning on launching an online course, and I want to try out this Launch formula. Since lots of people have used it in the past and it worked for them, my hypothesis is that it could still be a good model in Asia.

It's important for me to test out various models to see if they work, and it is also essential for me to understand the market and help other coaches in future

What I hope to learn:

-How to actually do the launch
-Tips for online courses
-How to do the marketing in a non-sleazy, non-pushy way
-What else do I need apart from the course
-Sales letter
-Joint Venture
-Building my list, using my list after i build it

What I learnt: The launch is only for a period of time and not evergreen, usually 3-10 days. The 3 Most important mental triggers are scarcity, authority, and community. Additional ones are reciprocity, trust, anticipation, likability, events/rituals, community and social proof. The Pre-pre launch sequence to activate one's tribe and to test market interest in your product (Quick announcement and a Favour - Pg 76)

 My main takeaways:

1.Pre-prelaunch, pre-launch, launch for 5-7 days

2. Does your sales message articulate the transformation?

3. Always over-deliver and give extra bonuses after the sale. Paying customers are 10-15x more likely to buy from you again in future.

My action steps: 

1. Do a Seed Launch in Apr and May

2. Study on 21-day challenge sales models, do a challenge in June or July

3. Test out this launch model with a launch in July or Aug. If it works, do a second launch this year with a JV/affiliate component.

Summary: This seems to be a proven model that has worked well in the last 10 years. A few of my friends have said it's no longer the most effective method, and so I'm combining the Pre-launch with a 21-day challenge. Also, the Asian self-education market seems to be lacking behind the Western one, so an older model like this could be perfect. I really enjoyed the read and think this will prove to be a useful tool to keep.

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