The 5 Types of Coaches: Who, Why, & When You Need Them

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

It’s a competitive world out there, and it can be tricky navigating through unfamiliar terrain on your own. Heck, even “self-made” millionaires need coaches or mentors. Timothy Kim is one such example, and he said in an interview, “You can’t succeed in life without having great coaches.” (source)

At different stages of your career or endeavour, you would benefit from different types of coaches to help you maximise your development. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 different coaching styles, and why and when you need them.

The first type of coach and perhaps the most commonly-sought after is the Educator. The educator is someone whose style is meant to teach you, often early on in your career or endeavour. Educators identify your strengths and what you’re doing well, but also your shortcomings. They’ll pick out areas for improvement and come up with different strategies to help you learn and grow. You would hugely benefit from having a coach who is an educator at the early stages of your career as they would help you learn the ropes quicker and stop you for making big mistakes early on. The educator can only take you so far, though, and you may be in danger of becoming too dependent if you start thinking that they will always be there to help you out of a rut.

The next type of coach is the Cheerleader. If you’re someone who has all the ideas but lack the personal conviction and confidence to execute them, perhaps you could look for a cheerleader. I’m not talking about those with the pom-poms cheering you on from the stands…but if that’s what works for you then hey, why not? No, I’m talking about a coach who will recognise your positive actions and give you the positive reinforcement that you need. Cheerleaders will have the mindset where they believe that you either win or you learn. They see mistakes or losses as opportunities for you to grow and learn. Cheerleaders may not push you to excel, but they will flood you with the positivity and encouragement to take the initiative and trust yourself.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the Challenger. If you’re sure of yourself or thrive when being tested or challenged, then perhaps a challenger is for you. In most instances, those who seek a challenger as their mentor would be someone who’s experienced in their field and aren’t content on resting on their laurels. A challenger will help you by playing devil’s advocate. They will make you strive for excellence even – and especially when – you’re already succeeding. This is why a challenger is perfect for someone who is goal-oriented. When you have a strong will to reach your goal, you will want someone who always pushes you out of your comfort zone to seek new ideas and innovations to reach it. Challengers are more firm than the other mentor styles, but they are sure to make you realise the importance of your goals by pushing you to your limits.

 The next coach is someone who will make you more ambitious. The Ideator, or idea-maker, will help you think bigger. They will help you brainstorm new ideas to take you to the next level. Ideators help you aim higher in whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. They are exciting to have as you can bounce off each other’s ideas and you will find that you shouldn’t have limited yourself in the first place. An ideator would be useful at the development stage of your idea, or if you’re looking to expand your horizons. The beauty of ideators is that they will teach you to value your skills and yourself more, just like a cheerleader, but also help you break out of your comfort zone once you’ve realised you’re potential, much like a challenger would.

The final type of coach is the Networker. The networker is someone who will develop your ability to connect with people. Networkers often have a lot of connections which will help you in reaching specific goals. Everybody knows the power of connections and having someone who either has connections or can teach you how to network is absolutely invaluable in any field you’re in. Networking is such a powerful tool that can enhance your ability to lead and influence other people. An important factor to remember in networking is that it’s more about how strong your relationships are and how much value you can offer and be offered, and not merely how many people you know. This is where the coaching and mentorship of a networker can be of great help.

In summary, the types of coaching and styles of coaches you need depends on your personality as well as what you’re looking for in your career. The beauty of it is that you’re not limited to one! Business professionals and athletes alike may have many mentors guiding them in different areas of their development, and at different points of their careers. Having a mentor doesn’t mean you’re incapable, it simply means you have a greater desire to succeed.

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