This Is Not Feminism (Part 2)

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

As promised in last week's blog, this week, we'll be discussing internalised misogyny. 

Internalised misogyny refers to the phenomenon where women devalue other women or feminine traits and instead overvalue men and masculine qualities. 

So why does this happen? 

According to the vulnerability model, vulnerable groups such as females and ethnic minorities perceive themselves as physically and financially helpless against dominant groups. They normalise their helplessness and status in society, which negatively affects their mental health by increasing behavioural inhibition and lowering self-esteem. 

The cycle of internalised misogyny:

Step 1: Exposure to Misogyny (e.g. Men believing that women who work are bad mothers)

Step 2: Mental schemas ( e.g. Housewives are better than women who work)

Step 3: Automatic Thoughts (e.g. Housewives are good, women who work are power hungry and greedy)

Step 4: Self-Schema ( e.g. I am a woman who works; therefore I am power hungry and greedy)

Step 5: Behaviours, emotions, and moods (e.g. I should reject positions of power to appear less power hungry, low confidence in job performance)

It ultimately leads back to step 1 as misogyny is perpetuated by women who support the male-dominated social structure through similar actions.


A real-life example would be the US Presidential Election in 2016.

According to gender affinity effect, Clinton should have attained the majority of women's votes as women tend to vote for other women. However, the elections did not reflect this. Clinton only managed to get 43% of White Women to vote for her, while the other 53% voted for Trump; a man who is famous for his hate speech against women. It was theorised that white women voted for Trump, not because they agreed with his policies, but to punish Clinton for defying gender norms. This is surprising because most women in the US identify themselves as feminists. 

As shown in the example, the women who voted for Trump might have subconsciously devalued other women in favour of a male-dominated system, and this is known as internalised misogyny.

Internalised misogyny may sound terrible, and that's because it is. Everyone needs both feminine and masculine energy to flourish, and it is not correct to punish someone for channelling their feminine energy, especially if that is who they are at their core. 

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Lots of love,

Jump Stakes Team

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