What It Means To Be Feminine (and why it makes you a badass!!!)

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

In previous blog posts (part 1, part 2) we portrayed femininity and "feminism" in a negative light; some of you may have felt triggered, angered, or shamed by us but we're here to tell you that we mean no harm. We do not hate feminine energies; on the contrary, we love them! Society needs both feminine and masculine energies to function but only when they're mature energies. 

So what does it mean to be feminine?

Is it about wearing frilly pink dresses or skin-tight bodycon dresses?

Is it about being a mother of three? 

Is it about being able to make a decent sandwich? 



Yes, that is precisely what mature feminine energies would do. Let it go.

This is because one of the most essential things the feminine energy does is to create and hold the space to nurture the creation. Feminine people are willing, and even desire, to give themselves to become whatever they need, to nurture those around them.

This is the part that most people misunderstand. We often view femininity as a weakness, but that cannot be further from the truth. Feminine energies nurture in the way it needs to be nurtured not in the way they want to nurture it. When no conscious awareness is involved, both of these aspects of the feminine tend to occur quite readily.  Source

However, being conscious, sentient beings, our actions are also influenced by our surroundings. When feminine energies see or experience their femininity being taken advantage of, they start to close off and start acting more masculine or more immature. 

It is sad when this occurs because life cannot be supported without feminine people. "The feminine does not throw her energy or her life away. It is the hero type of sacrifice only to the point that sacrifice is the only way the new creation can occur. There is no foolishness here or ego. There is no parasitic relationship. It is an act that transcends the individual. She will give of her life if necessary, but it is not done to sustain a creation that will not, in turn, become self-sufficient and, in many ways, bigger than herself." Source

This level of care and nurture is something every single living being requires to function. 

Another great aspect of feminine energy is that it can, and will, pull out of the masculine things the masculine does not know it is capable of doing. This is due to the difference in feminine and masculine energies. "The masculine aspect of energy consciousness is not aware of itself unless there is a movement of energy, which is derived from feminine energy. In this sense, it takes a flow of energy (the feminine) for consciousness (the masculine) to awaken. Hence the feminine energy awakens the masculine, consciousness, to its full potential." Source

Only feminine energies have the power to awaken hidden potential because they can create a safe and nurturing space where we are able to grow and learn. 

Of course, masculinity plays an essential role in society. Without it, we will never be able to get anything done. But we should not forget the quiet power that femininity provides, nurturing and giving us the confidence and reassurance when we need it most, to achieve what we were once too afraid to even dream of. 


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