Review: Date With Destiny - Tony Robbins (6th - 11th Dec 2018)

DWD West Palm Beach

This was not my first TR event; I had previously attended Unleash The Power Within in London (Apr 2018), and watched I'm Not Your Guru. As such I was aware of the "6 basic human needs": 1.Certainty, 2.Uncertainty, 3. Significance, 4.Love/Connection, 5.Growth, 6.Contribution. I also learnt that you can change your state whenever you want to and the way you act; whatever you focus on, energy flows in that direction .

I decided to attend DWD as it is Tony's flagship program and I've heard good things from multiple trusted sources.

I joined Tony's Platinum Partnership Program ($85k USD for all events + approx $10kUSD more for each Platinum event), so DWD was included. Tickets usually cost around $4-10k USD depending on the type of seat and timing you choose to purchase. It is cheaper if you buy through a platinum partner or as a group to enjoy discounts at events such as UPW.

I went into DWD wanting to understand myself better:

1. To understand the reasons...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker To Assessing Behavior, Reading Tells, & Running a Business with Blake Eastman (EP003)

After watching Rounders when he was 17, Blake Eastman knew that poker was what he wanted to do with his life. More accurately, he wanted to live the story of Rounders, making enough money with poker to pay for law school. He did so well with poker, though, that he stuck with it instead. After a couple years of playing, he shifted from playing poker to coaching and creating a poker business.


Blake is an interesting guest since his transition out of playing poker hasn’t taken him out of the poker world. As he explains, now that he’s a business owner, he’s starting to embody the skills and lessons that he learned from playing poker. He’ll also dig into his challenges now as he transitions from a business focusing specifically on poker to a more general business.


Because Blake is a psychology expert, we’ll spend a good amount of time talking about various aspects of psychology in poker. This ranges from everything including the anxiety that...

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300k USD down the drain (to others), 300k USD invested in myself (to me)

Hi, I'm Wayne, and I'm a learning junkie.

Counting back the last 10 years, I've spent  more than $300k USD investing in my own self-improvement, and here's the story of how I got started.


My first encounter with coaching was when I started Bowling. During my peak year I was training 5x/week for the National Under-23 team, 3x/week with my school, 1x/week with my country club, and 1x/week 1-on-1.

I started 1-on-1 coaching when I wanted to break into the national youth team, and thankfully my parents understood how important it was to me. They were struggling with their business but yet they sacrificed their own lifestyle so that I could afford Bowling equipment and coaching. For this and many other reasons, I'm eternally grateful. 

The most memorable story of how they came to realise how important this was to me was when I went home with my exam results. I was about 14 or 15 years old. I did not do well on the exams and my Mum said she was going to make me quit...

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How Disciplined Are You?

jumpstakes_poll Apr 08, 2019

If you want to learn how you can increase your discipline, download our FREE Ebook here!


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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker To Blockchain Software Engineering with Dan Tsui (EP002)

Dan Tsui, CEO at Blockchain software engineering consultancy and product studio Kyokan, joins me today for this conversation. He has done lots of work for Ethereum Foundation and projects related to EF. Before this, he did a lot of freelancing in software engineering. And before that, of course, he was a professional poker player. As he’ll explain today, playing online poker is actually what got him into software to begin with.


When I ask Dan about the similarities between poker and business, he brings up a very insightful answer: the intuitive understanding of risk, having an edge, and what it means to exploit that edge. These points, he explains, are difficult for professionals from non-game-playing backgrounds to wrap their heads around in the same way. The biggest differences, on the other hand, involve working as a team player instead of solo.


We’ll also dig into mindset, exploring various aspects of the topic of translating a poker mentality into the...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker To Daily Fantasy Sports with James Gettinger (EP001)

Welcome to “From High Stakes Poker To …”! In this brand-new podcast, we interview former high-stakes poker players who have transitioned into other careers. If you’re ready to learn how the raw intelligence of poker players can function to create (rather than extract) value, or to make that transition, this is the place for you!


Today’s guest is James Gettinger, a former high stakes poker player who is now a professional fantasy sports player mostly on DraftKings and FanDuel. He started playing poker in late 2012, and realized he could turn it into his primary income source. In 2014, he transitioned into fantasy sports, and has been doing that ever since.


If you don’t know anything about sports, this might sound intimidating or even impossible. Believe it or not, James didn’t know anything about sports either when he got started. As he explains today, knowing about sports is an advantage, but it also comes with biases that...

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Podcast: From High Stakes Poker To ... (EP000)

Hello there, and welcome to this brand-new podcast! In “From High Stakes Poker To …”! I’m your host, Wayne Yap. In each future episode of the show, I’ll interview a former high-stakes poker player who has successfully transitioned into something else.


In case you’re not familiar with my story, I’ve spent the last few years of my poker career playing the highest games in Macau. I realized that I was playing poker to make money, and taking that money to try to make people around me happy, but poker (and focusing on making money) didn’t fulfill me. I’m transitioning out of poker now, and looking for ideas and resources to help me successfully do that. That’s how the idea for this podcast came about!


I know I’m not the only one in this situation. A lot of successful high-stakes poker players want to transition into other fields, but there’s not enough information out there on how to do that smoothly...

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Insights from Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership Finance Trip, Whistler

22nd-26th Feb 2019 (Insights: Part 2 of a 2-part series, for the first part that is my notes, click here
I found myself sitting in a room with 400 others that have spent over 100k USD on personal development and coaching; there was an all-star list of speakers such as Ray Dalio, Bo Shao, Peter Diamandis, Howard Marks, Luca Padulli, and Tony Blair.
I had spent $85k USD to join Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership for a year, paid another $10k USD to get access to this, and travelled for over 24h to get to Whistler, and was dealing with severe jet-lag, but the content was so engaging and key distinctions were coming to me.
This review will cover interesting questions that were asked during the event, and my personal thoughts and takeaways from each of the questions. My thoughts are the bullet points and written in italic.
Bo Shao of Matrix Partners and “I’ve made billions of dollars, why am I making more money and...
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Notes from Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership Finance Trip, Whistler

22nd-26th Feb 2019 (Notes: Part 1 of a 2-part series, for part 2 where I share my insights, click here
I found myself sitting in a room with 400 others that have spent over 100k USD on personal development and coaching; there was an all-star list of speakers such as Ray Dalio, Bo Shao, Peter Diamandis, Howard Marks, Luca Padulli, and Tony Blair.
“I’ve made billions of dollars, why am I making more money and why am I spending time worrying about money?"
“How many uncorrelated assets do we need in our portfolio?”
“How much will it take for you to have absolute financial freedom?”
“What stage of the lifecycle of wealth are you in?”
“How do billionaires think when they contribute money to a cause and influence others to match it?”
“Do you need a new BBJ or is it better for you to rent a Global Express for $8k/hour?”
These are themes and...
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