3 Tips For Building Positive Habits

discipline tips Jun 03, 2019

Have you ever tried to add a new positive habit into your life and then failed to succeed with it?

So, you started a positive habit just like reading books before sleep for a few days, and then after a while, you failed it. You may have begun at some night, but maybe after a couple of days, you got tired and didn’t manage to add that habit in.

It is quite common to start such things and fail to continue it in the long term.

I want to give you three tips on how to incorporate positive habits in your life more easily.

First is to set up more triggers in your life. If you read the book The Power of Habit, it talks about habits being formed by having a trigger, an action, and a reward. The trigger is something that reminds you to take that action and every time you do it; there is a reward. You need to have enough triggers to add in positive habits in your life.

For example, if you wanted to read a book at night, make sure you always leave your book in bed, and whenever you go to...

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