Review: Launch by Jeff Walker

Summary: "With his Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker has changed the way we sell. In his book Launch, he outlines his tried-and-tested strategy for selling products online and building a business that’s almost guaranteed to bring success. Walker shows you how he’s succeeded by outlining a step-by-step plan for launching your product – even before you know exactly what it is." Source

This is actually a popular model and a lot of people have used this  and it worked really well in the past. It's a one time launch thing where you hype it up before the launch. My plan was to combine this with a 14 or 21 day challenge and TPB (from Brendon's online course creation)  

Since I'm planning on launching an online course, and I want to try out this Launch formula. Since lots of people have used it in the past and it worked for them, my hypothesis is that it could still be a good model in Asia.

It's important for me to test out various...

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