Revealed: Why Discipline is Dead

It's January 22nd.

Just 3 weeks ago, you set 6 new year resolutions you promised to give your 100% to.

You made up your mind. This time it will be different. And you will finally:

1. Put in 6 hours of deep work so you can spend your leisure time crushing your friends in Secret Hitler. 
2. Set your team up with systems so you can finally take a 3-week vacation
3. Read 5 well-researched books a month from your list of 123903 to-be-read-books.
4. Meditate for 30min twice a day and awaken your mind to the Quantum Field.
5. Snooze 6 times less every morning to bring your total down to 0. Okay. 1. Just in case you fail.
6. Shed 4kg of your blobs by going on a ketogenic diet.

It's 9PM on a Wednesday. 

Your decision to hire Confident Charlie backfired. Charlie overpromised to all your clients while underdelivering. Your clients are looking for you but Charlie is nowhere to be found.

You're frustrated as hell and go to the pantry to get some water. 

That's when you see that rich, velvety chocolate cake on the table, staring at you. And you can't resist it anymore.

You decide to cheat.

And before you know it, your mouth is filled with the sweet taste of fudge, and guilt.

You are filled with so much guilt that you decide that Discipline is not you. You'll never be able to follow a strict diet or reach your goals.

Listen. I want you to know this is not your fault. And I'm gonna let you in on the secret to never cheat ever again. And if you're good, I'll also tell you how you can accomplish your 6 goals easily and finally become the top 0.1%.

Here's the Ginormous-ass Oreo-cookie eating problem problem.

You were relying on your willpower to be disciplined. 

What if it was finally easy for you to accomplish your goals?

How would it feel like to have six-pack abs and your dream AP watch on your wrist?

How would it feel like to do 4h of deep mission-driven work while having weeks of off to tour Europe?

Meet Your Coach

Wayne Yap's number 1 goal for 2019 and 2020 is to transform 20 people's lives so much that their friends will ask them 'WTF happened to you?'


Hi, I'm Wayne Yap, an ex-high stakes poker player.

I've often sat at the poker table winning and losing hundreds of thousands in one hand.

I had walked through the casino with more than $1m (thankfully I wasn't only relying on discipline)

Games with prominent VIPs that I averaged thousands of dollars per hour required me to play over 48 hours at times.

Some days after a 48-hour session, I swore to myself I would never do it again. And then when I wake up, I find my body auto-piloting back to the Poker Room 3min walk away from my Mandarin Oriental Apartment.

After several months, I noticed A HUGE PROBLEM: my health was deteriorating from the lack of sleep, and my relationship was failing as I could not afford to spend quality time with my girlfriend.

I was miserable. I felt guilty. I felt a lack of purpose. I was just chasing the money and selling my soul to the Night King.

But unlike a diet, I could not stop playing poker because it was my livelihood.

That was when I decided that things had to change, and I began taking the necessary steps to put my life in order. People around me noticed these changes, and they started asking me, "Wayne, how are you so disciplined?"

Candidly speaking, I've never considered myself "disciplined".

Upon reflection, I've realised what I've been doing is merely stacking habits, optimising my routines, and minimising decision fatigue.

On the surface, it looked like I was really "disciplined", but in reality, I just found shortcuts that enhanced my ability to focus and remain on track with my goals.

Ok. If you've made it this far I know you want the secrets.

So here's why discipline is dead.

Simple. You don't actually rely on discipline or willpower.

You set up habits and routines such that make it EASY for you to be disciplined. Here are the 5 pillars of discipline:

1. Knowing your why - After this pillar, you're going to have your Whys so clear that you always have something to fall back on when it gets tough.

2. Morning routine - You're going to learn how you can have the kind of morning routines the top 0.1% in the world have.

3. Your environment - Learn the quickest shortcuts for you to build an environment that is conducive for your goals.

4. Habits - They'll never be hard for you again.

5. Decision fatigue - Easy ways to minimise decision fatigue without wearing the same clothes everyday.

During our coaching sessions, you will receive step-by-step guidance on how you can be on your way to become the Billionaire with six-pack abs, without having to sacrifice your happiness.



Really great value for money! Wayne is very knowledgeable and is constantly looking to upgrade himself.

Definitely want a coach who is constantly upgrading himself on a daily basis. He is also very interactive during the sessions and will always make it a point to answer any questions posted. Highly recommended!

- Benedict Yong, Participant, Discipline Hacks Coaching 

I used to have a very bad routine whenever it came to life but ever since i signed up with Wayne, I feel that he has helped me tremendously in terms of discipline and having good habits. He has taught me various ways on cultivating good habits which are hard to stick to. He has given me valuable advice on how to have a routine that I am confident will help me achieve my goals and successful. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to take their life to the next level.

-Keith Seah, Participant, Discipline Hacks Coaching

Really enjoyed Wayne's Mastermind 1 day mastermind group in Singapore. In addition to meeting a high-calibre, thoughtful people, the session helped me to clarify my goals and gave me insights into some of my challenges. A supportive, confidential environment is necessary to uncover one's inner process and the session was able to generate this in a short period of time.

-Kenneth Bok, Participant, Mastermind Group

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If I don't deliver after the first 3 sessions, just ask for your money back.

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